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Southern's Draft Process

Coach Pitch Baseball: No draft. The director divides the teams up to the best of our ability by buddy requests, school etc. The rosters are then released to the head coaches and published on the website.

Minors, Majors, and Juniors Baseball: Each player not returning to a team must attend the tryout session at their assigned time. For those players who cannot attend they will be put in a hat and randomly assigned at the conclusion of the draft. After the tryouts are completed, a draft will be held where the head coaches choose their players to fill out their rosters. All teams will have the same number of players within one. The draft rotation is the reverse order from the final standings the year before. So the last place team drafts first and the first place team drafts last. This repeats until all players are drafted and those who did not attend are passed out. Any coaches son/daughter who is new to the team will also attend the tryouts. Once they receive a draft grade they will be placed on the coaches team in the round that corresponds with the tryout grade. A supplemental draft occurs during the draft. Each year teams have different amount of players coming back. The teams with the fewest players returning will receive an extra pick in certain rounds until all teams get to the same number of players.

Seniors Baseball: No tryouts. A draft is held. Coaches' child players are decided by all of the coaches and the director at the start of the meeting.

Softball: At this time no tryouts are held for softball. Many divisions only have one team. Where two teams exist in the same division the director and the head coaches divide the teams.

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